Saturday, February 17, 2007

Making joints

One of my dreams is to make a full action figure, with all the joints and stuff. It's hard but I'm trying my best to achieve that. If I failed, at least I could say that I've tried. By 'examining' a revoltech figure (REVY!!!), I made this little thing. Look familiar? It should. It's the only part of my first BIMA that ever gets cured. My friend kindly sanded and puttied the whole arm. Thanks Ericko, you da man!

To make the joint, I first drill a hole in the part where the elbow should be. Next I saw the arm about 1 cm below the drilled hole. Then, I saw the arm again, this time 1 cm above the hole. The I spilt the piece in two. These pieces will be the rotating part of the joint. I then cut and sand the piece to make it easier to move. If you're confused, just look at the pictures. If you're still confused drop me a line on the comments.

The yellow putty you see on the upper arm is the place where I glued the rotating piece. I used a sprue from a kit I have to make the pivot point. I plan to make an effort to create a ball joint next.

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