Friday, February 2, 2007

The story so far

Been a while since my last post, many things happened.

For starters, after completing the mold for Bima (see previous post), I began casting. After almost a week, the cast won't cure. At all. The inside of the mold remains a icky-gooey mess of polyputty. The main reason for this disaster is I didn't put enough hardener for the putty.
Note to self: Be sure to put enough hardener for your putty.
So I have to ditch the Bima project for now. No Bima in toyfair (at least not the kit version).

On the lighter side, I've made another Bima. Bima ver.2 will probably made it for display in toyfair (albeit in it's clay form). I have documented the steps in making her. More of that on future posts.

Another good news is I've made another figure and it's ready to be master molded. This figure was made after the failure of Bima. It only took roughly a week to make it. That's saying something, since the Bima project took me about 3 weeks just for it to make into waste casting stage. I know a little about myself this past month, and that is if you really, REALLY put all your effort and mind in to it, something spectacular will happen.

More pictures coming soon stay tuned!

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