Monday, March 5, 2007

My new toy!

I was browsing my local hardware store the other day while looking for supplies and stuff, the usual. Suddenly My eyes caught this baby.

It's a mini drill by Sellery, and its GREAT for sanding. Here you see the

attachment I use to help me sand my sculpts. This ones are made of stone. Still looking for the metal ones though. I also saved a boat-load of time using this tool. The price are pretty reasonable too. Just Rp.75.000 for the drill. Oh and you need to buy an adaptor for it. The total cost, including the stone grinder is about Rp.120.000. Good investment I say.

It'll run from 3-18 volts, that means variable speed. Good for those delicate parts. It's no Dremel I can tell you that, but at least it does the job for me... at least for now.

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