Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making a Figure: Arjuna Ver 2.0 Update!

It's that time again.
In my never-ending journey to make my own anime figures, I meet many challenges. Posing the figure is one of them
I've finally managed to finalize the pose for Arjuna. I wont be changing the pose anytime soon. Now I just need to prep this baby up for paint. Who knows, if there's interest, I might actually cast this and make it a garage kit (hint, hint..)

I will be updating a lot more frequently now. With 5, yep count it FIVE figures in the works at the same time, this blog will fill up fast. Well technically, I'm only allowed to post 3 of them, still that's a lot. And did I mention all the figures must be done at the end of June?

For all of you who asked (or wanted to ask), Yes I do take commisions. Just contact me if you have something in mind. I know we could strike an amicable agreement :)

Untill next time!

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