Sunday, April 22, 2007

Figure Making Tutorial poll

Hello everybody!

I've promised to post some of my tutorials and guides for making figures. Now I want you to help me decide which one should I put up first. The choices are as below: You could participate by entering your vote in the shoutbox. Dont forget to fill in your name :)

The subjects are:
1. Sculpting an anime figure from clay
2. Alternative tools parade
3. Painting your kit with poster paint!

Choose only one please. The subjects with the most number of votes will be posted first.

Until then, happy voting!


claygeek said...

do we have to choose only one? i feel greedy here, i want em all

MidZ said...

For now, Yes. But I'll post all the tuts. Just wanted to know which one people wants first.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

animeeeeee of course... cant wait to see it.


MidZ said...

Okay, your wish is my command... Is that You Arie?