Monday, June 11, 2007

Jiji--Mascot Swing

OMG an update!

I hope this post will be the comeback of this blog. I've got most of my problems sorted out, and will hopefully fill this blog with the love that it needs.

Today I'm showing a mascot project for my friends at Diamante Studio. I've met them on a doujin event not long ago. They also will have their first manga publish soon by a known publisher here. Kudos to them!

I've sculpted Jiji, one of the characters from their new manga. He's supposed to be a sassy,smart-mouthed, all-round pain in the @ss, rickshaw pulling old penguin. I made him key-chain size, hence the name swing. He's made mostly of poly-putty and some paper clay, the eyebrow are epoxy putty wrapped on a copper wire. I do apologize for the crappy paint job -_-u. I'll do my best next time around.

Enjoy the photos.

Until then!

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