Friday, November 23, 2007

Figure making: Minotauress WIP 02

Okay here's the latest pics of the Minotauress. She stands 5" tall from base to the tip of the horn. Since this sketch was done using soft oil clay, it'll be too frustrating to make any crisp detail out of it. I'll have to think about making this permanent, and maybe making a kit out of it.

Anyway enjoy!


ECTroe said...

I'd be only too happy to buy a completed figurine or kit of your Minotauress here. I hope that she won't stay on the back burner for too long because really, this piece is exquisite!

MidZ said...

Hi ectroe,
She's still on hold, but the good news is not for long. Expect to see the wax master pictures popping up in here as soon as next week.

She is still my fav of all the monster girls I'm sculpting, so she gets top priority ;)

There are some pose changes though. More on that later next week. Thanks for the visit

Stay tuned