Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Making Anime Figures: Rala-23

OK folks, I've got to apologize for not being able to post the Seiya costume like I promised earlier. My internet connection is acting up again. I can't log into photobucket to upload my photos. I'm very sorry.

On the up side, I'm participating in TOMOCI Fair 2007 this weekend. It's like a mini toy fair-like bazaar, and yours truly is going to promote some his stuff and hopefully land a few jobs along the way ;)
One of the figures I'm going to bring to the show is Rala-23. She is based on Lalah Sune from the original Gundam series. She'll be original though, since I'm sculpting her with the notion that she lives to 23 years old. She's the brainchild of a night worth of rambling between myself and a fellow mod in Netmorks.

Here's some WIP pictures of her. Enjoy!

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