Monday, February 11, 2008

Black Cat WIP--Making a statue from modeling wax part 3

I've lengthen the legs and further tone her body. I've also add more hair to the pony tail.
Does anyone know how to smooth and polish soft wax? If you do, just give me a shout!

**Oops..sorry for the posting the wrong picture. It's fixed now**

More soon. Thanks for visiting!


YOU said...


MidZ said...

Thank you YOUさん!

erickia said...

haha~nice blog, keep the good work for it

Anonymous said...

We often used pantyhose or nylons to 'sand' modeling wax when we were building for bronze casting. Seriously.

MidZ said...

Thanks you guys :)
I've known about the pantyhose :D
But You need some sort of lubrication right? currently I used 91% alcohol for 'sanding' my wax.