Monday, March 24, 2008

Making an Anime Figurine: Female Leprechaun part 0

Let's get this thing rolling folks!

The goal for this tutorial/guide/WIP documentation series is to make a finished sculpture in 7 days. Starting today (24th March) and hopefully we'll have a finished piece by next Monday (31st March). What I mean finished is just that a finished sculpt without being painted, but I will give my best to paint it if I have time. I started this to challenge myself, to practice my sculpting skill, get organized, and be comfortable in working under harsh deadlines.

The figure that I'll be sculpting is a female leprechaun, anime style! This sculpt will also be entered in the clubhouse 52nd Sculpting Jam. I like to do an internet rule #63 sculpt from time to time. It's fun! Everything is better with tits... so they say :D

Why anime style? because I like it. It has fewer constraints regarding realism and the fact that I began sculpting to be able to own an anime figure, a sexy anime figure, with huge mammaries... and cast off feature..oh my. "Those PVC and GK figures sure are expensive, hey why don't I make one", that's what started it all.

I'll have part 1 ready soon. I'm getting my character design in order and hopefully will be finished before tomorrow. In the mean time, do check Tutorial/guides on my past attempt to make a tutorial. There you can find the basic material that I used for my figures.
That's it for part 0. Stay tune tomorrow for part 1 of this mini tutorial

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