Tuesday, May 20, 2008

M.WaxZ Trial Run part 2: Sculpt test

Well, I though what better way to test a modeling/sculpting wax than to sculpt with it. So I've started to sculpt this bug babe for the clubhouse 55th sculpting jam. I'm using a modified version the S00 wax. To make the wax pliable, I use a desk lamp with a 40 watt lamp to heat it. If I see the wax becomes too liquid, I turned off the lamp and rest the wax.

Here's what's done after a couple of hours of wax 'testing'.

bug babe wax figure sculpt WIP
The armature is made from aluminum wire, a simple armature that I'm very fond of. I add small balls of wax to build up the body and define muscles. I then use a small butane torch to blend the wax balls up. At this stage I rarely use my tools, but then again your fingers are your best tools. I need to make a rake tool to further blend the wax together. From here on out I may need to use heated tools. I'll cover that in tomorrow's post.

What I find is the S00 wax is fast to cool but not very strong for small, thin pieces. It's stiff, but not strong. It's also doesn't retail heat very long. So you need to constantly warm the wax. The warm wax sticks and blends to the cold wax just fine, which is great although I probably like it to be more sticky.
The cooled wax carved and cleans well. Haven't had the time to polish this yet, but earlier experiment shows that S00 can be buffed with alcohol and even better when it's chilled.

Sculpting with modeling wax is fun! It takes some learning curves, but every mediums have one. I'll post more picture in the near future. Now I need to make a batch of hard wax to get my Toph sculpt ready.

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