Friday, May 16, 2008

M.WaxZ trial run

In my ongoing quest to make myself some good modeling wax, I've finally able to say that,"I think I found something!"
Inspired by Gary Overman and his wonderful waxes (visit I start my journey on the land of waxdom. Gary has been a great guy in giving me some pointers on mixing my own wax, so I want this chance to thank Gary for his help. Thank you Gary!

Unfortunately some material that Gary suggested isn't readily available where I lived (Indonesia), so I need to find alternatives, substitute, and experiment with various material to get something that I can call a modeling wax. My main motivation is to produce a modeling wax for local sculptors that is readily available locally, uses local ingredients (as much as I can), and is safe to play with.

After much experimenting and even more failed formulas...many I tell you! I've picked 4 formula that I'm happy with (thank God!). Do note that the color are to make it easier for me to recognize them. I'm planning to make them all light grey in color if they ever go to production. They are:

the 4 M.WaxZ flavor. Soft (white), firm (tan), hard (green), and WTF! (dark chocolate)
  • M.waxZ-D00 the hardest of all, tends to be sticky but very pliable when warm, the dark brown one.
  • M.waxZ-L00 The softest of the waxes, tend to crumble easily when cooled, the whitish one.
  • M.waxZ-S00 My current workhorse wax, firm at room temperature, but soft and pliable at body temperature, the light brown one. This is the stuff I made Nariko of, I did her hair using D00.
  • M.waxZ-K00 a harder variant of S00, take detail and carve quite well when cooled, the green one.
I've already sent samples to my testing team, and hope to get feedback from them soon. In the mean time. For those of you who are interested in these waxes, please be patient. I'll surely keep you all posted on them. In the mean time, in the next few postings we'll be exploring more about modeling wax, their properties and how to use them. I might even make a video of it in the future. How about an anime head sculpt video using wax?!?

Stay tuned!

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