Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wax figure tool works

Working with wax can be tough if you don't know how the material works.
One of them is working with heat or heated tools. I'm a beginner in doing wax, and most of the pro that I've know suggest to invest on a waxer pen. It cost a lot too, fortunately some cool guys made a DIY waxer pen using cheap soldering iron. I haven't tried that, but will if I had the time (already making plans to build a dimmer box). In the mean time, I'm doing my wax sculpt with these...

The only thing that I consider hi-tech and expensive in my arsenal is the small butane torch (it's $15). The oil lamp (filled with Alcohol) and the stove lighter can be obtain easily.

I mainly use the lamp to heat my metal tools and heat up small chucks of wax for patching. The stove lighter and the torch is used for blending the wax and make it smooth and shiny. I've taken pictures on how I use the torch to blend the wax, but it came out blurry. So I need to retake those photos again. I'll post them on Friday, so if you're interested look forward to it.

Stay tuned!

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