Sunday, June 15, 2008

Temporary break due to 'injuries'

Hiya folks!

Sorry for not updating as frequent as I wanted it to be. I have sprained my upper arm :(
The story behind it all revolves around me getting myself a Wii. This console is evil!
I played Wii Sport, competing against the whole family, my mom beats the crap out of me in bowling. After a good 6 hours or so, I retired. The following day, I woke up with a stiff right arm. Fortunately it's only my upper right arm. I can still do some work without much pain. Will have to stay away from the Wii a while though. It saps time like no tomorrow.

On other news, I've got a surge of hits these past few days. It seems Toph is getting noticed more :)
Thanks for the visits you guys!
Still no new worthy pictures yet, but I can tell you this. The is another Toph figure in the making, and she's wearing red.
I've also started on the Azula trio, at least in sketch form. Hoping that the set would be completed by 1st week of July to be shown at a local Toyfair.

I'll post pics on the girls soon.

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