Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Toph Action Figure WIP part 5

Not much just to show the another pose from Toph.
I'll get to work on the ball joints soon.

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Giest said...

Wow I would think that ball joints would be a nightmare to try to make yourself. Are you gonna try to find some that you could just use? I have examined the revoltech ones that come with the dante figure and they are pretty complex. Or were you gonna do a ball and socket joint? Good work though!

MidZ said...

I'm planning to do all the joints from scratch. I wont do a ball and socket though, but I will do a revoltech/figma style ball joints. I'll upload picture of the joint making when it's compiled.

Thanks for your visit, giest!

Anonymous said...

what material do you use

MidZ said...

I'm using my own blend of modeling wax. You can carve it when it's cool, but you can also model it with your hands when it's warm.