Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pool result

Hiya folks,

The result of the pool is here. I've asked you, of the three fire nation girls (Azula, Ty lee, May), which one do you want to be featured in midztoyz? By featured I mean make an action figure of, like Toph!
We have a tie for Ty Lee and May, strange I though Azula would at least get one vote.
But since I can do so much, I think I'll do them one at a time. starting with Ty Lee.
Pictures will surface soon... very soon.

Stay tune and thanks for voting, yes all 4 of you :D


Giest said...

Yay! I voted for Ty Lee!!

MidZ said...

Thanks for the vote giest!
Check back for pictures in a couple of days ;)

oroboru said...

Hi Midz:

Sorry for the much, much delayed reply, but being the idiot that I am, I just realized that someone had actually left me a comment on my Supergirl review.. :P

I didn't take part in your poll, but I did take a look at your sculpting work, which is shaping up to be some good stuff; I can't wait to see a finished product of sorts!

I've bookmarked your page, and will definitely check in once in a while to see the crazy artsy stuff you're up to!

Giest said...

Where did the figures go?? Are you still making Toph too? I wanna see you finish a figure completely!! =)

MidZ said...

geist> I've been kept busy with work lately. Be assured that I am still working on toph and the girls. I just cant work on them as I wanted to, so progress is SLOOOOOOW. I'm sorry.