Friday, September 26, 2008

Small announcement and more sculpting video!

The Arjuna Follow-along will be up later tonight. Sorry for the delay.

***Update*** It seems the follow through will have to wait until tomorrow. I need to take more pictures and write more stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, more sculpting video from YouTube!!

First up it's Philippe Faraut. He's a great sculptor. I really dig his style and approach in making portraits. Still need to find his book though. Be sure to check his channel and site out.

Speaking of approach. Here's one for a full figure sculpt. No armature needed. I've personally tried this and it's pretty awesome when using wax. You do need to have a firm grasp of anatomy and proportion though.

And the last one for today is about wood carving. What that got to do with making a figure? you asked. Well, for those of you who use poly putty as a medium, you know you need to carve. This is a great demo to show how the process is done. Meke sure you check his series on woodcarving 101. It's great stuff.

Happy sculpting everyone!

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