Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Fire Nation Girls Action figure project!!

What happened to the Ty Lee figure? Well, she just got some company.
This update is all about the head sculpts. I've sculpted all the head for the girls and then some. They will all be using the same base body though. There will be modification for the individual girls you can be sure of that. As usual more pictures after the jump!

ty lee and the fire nation girls action figure project

As promised here are more pictures. Enjoy!

The base body.

What is (the head sculpt of) Wang Fire doing there?

Sorry I didn't take a picture with the Mai head (still need some work). Hmmm... should I make a special "The beach" version of the girls... I wonder..

Check back soon.
Oh and Colorwheelz, sorry I haven't the time to take a picture of the bucket. Next time, for sure!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jugller nih om yg k mren bli putty d mangdu ^^

tanya dong it hip joint ny pake apan yah??

ane lg nyaro desain hip joint bwt modif sd kit nih ^^