Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Midz's workroom...

This blog needs more frequent updates, and you all know it. But there is so much from sculpting and figures (that I can share at the moment) to keep this blog interesting. So I'm going to start posting my ramblings... yes, I know you're thinking, "This is not why I came here for! Gimme TOPH dang-it!!!". I feel you... I feel every virtual punch, kick, and atomic wedgie you throw at me, but bear with me... more after the jump. There'll be picture!

Above is a (poor) panoramic picture my workroom. The editing is crude, I know.
As you can see my workroom is also my sleeping quarters. For the sake of having a larger space I opted to remove the bed in exchange for a futon, a pillow and my bolsty. But this is still not enough. I have stuff everywhere (I know where everything are by the way... well, almost) and loads of sculpts, reference material and toys strewn all over the place. I think I need to refurnish my room.

There are online stores that sale furnishing stuff. WikiShop for example, Amazon.com is another good place to start. I don't have access to both of them where I live though, which is a bummer. But that doesn't stop me to at least see the choices that can inspires me to make something, even though it'll cost more than just buying something in the end.

The first thing I need is more space and that means SHELVINGS!!! You guys living in the states got it made. You can get great looking shelving as low as $15!! It cost more than triple that where I live. If not more. And the current exchange rate isn't helping. For comparison, you see those cheap looking (because it is!) plastic shelving on my desk? that's about $4 for a 3 tier shelving. Sad isn't it. Compare that with the shelving found here (input the maximum price of $30). Those shelving look sturdy and I don't mind paying $20+ for some good racks (no pun intended).
The closest thing I come across as good shelving is at my local Ace Hardware furnishing section. Mind you, here in Jakarta, Ace Hardware is notoriously known for having the highest prices for home/garden/furnishing and tools too. How does a 3-5x markup makes you feel? ... Yeah, I thought so too.

After looking around. I think I'll opted to make a shelf from those perforated L bracket thingy like the one shown here. It'll cost more money (hope not) and time in my part (there will be much bolting and screwing around this weekend), since I probably will be making them myself. But that's just the way I like it. Yeah... that's how I roll.

Thanks for reading thus far.
Stay tuned for the next update. It'll be a teaser for the new sculpts I was talking about in an earlier post :)


Colour Wheelz said...

Wow, your work bench is long,lol. I have my work desk in my room too. I always need to vacuum them up before going to bed, just to save my lungs. Doesn't your room smell of chemicals?

Btw, what are those reference pictures you have there? Your current project?

MidZ said...

It really does gets messy fast. It doesn't really get that dusty, since I have a place for sanding and grinding in the form of a plastic bucket. And fortunately my room does not smell like chemicals... anymore.
I have reserved a space for chemicals, resins, and other smelly stuff in the garage.

Yes, those are reference pictures for projects. More soon :)

Colour Wheelz said...

Hmmm, you got me curious about that sanding and grinding plastic bucket. Is it a specially made equipment?

MidZ said...

Hehehe... actually no it isn't something special, it's not even a bucket. Tell you what, I'll put a picture of it in my next post.

Check back soon!