Thursday, December 23, 2010

Humble Indie Bundle 2

Other than sculpting, my other hobby is playing video games. Preferably at bargain prices.
This is an awesome bundle of indie games and you can name your price too. Get the games and give some charity while you're at it. I've already got Machinarium and it is a beautiful piece of indie gaming development with great soundtrack. I highly recommend it if you like old school point and click adventure.

You can see all the games lined up in the video. And get this, if you pay more than $7.51, you'll get the last year's Humble Indie Bundle too. The world of Goo is reason enough for a definite purchase. You'll also get Samorost 2, a point and click adventure game from the same developer as Machinarium. WIN!

So pay up (what you want, preferably more than $8) and game on!

There will be some major changes to be conducted in the blog next week. For all of you who waited for the Fire Nation Girls... well, at least you'll be seeing one of them.

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