Monday, January 17, 2011

Midztoyz in changing....

It's a new year and with it come new resolutions!
As you might notice, I've change the layout of the page a bit. Hopefully for the better. For me, the colors are more pleasant for those midnight browser. 
This year will be the return of the "Let's make an Anime figure" tutorial series. And this time it will be done to completion. The first project of the year will be a little warm up. The first post will be due in 48 hours.
This project will at least get updated twice weekly, hopefully thrice weekly.
We will also be doing a comeback on the action-figure part that has been so long overdue like the Fire nation girls *cough* ..toph.. *cough*. Oh and I finally able to take international orders for the waxes I'm making. YAY!

So check back in 2 days to see the first step of this transformation.
It the mean time, browse the old archive, see some videos, buy some stuff (or at least click the links) and enjoy!

This year is going to be awesome!

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