Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simon 'Spiderzero' lee sculpting demo

Not long ago I was called up by a friend to join a live streamcast. He just said that it will be awesome. And it was. Below is the video from that live stream.

Simon Lee is a sculptor and designer with a real knack in creature designs. You can find more of his work through his site at In the video he guides us in his sculpting process, from making an armature, fleshing the musculature, dynamic posing, and much more. There are a brief Q&A section at the beginning and near the end. It's quite long though, so you might want to skip ahead (but I recommend not to).
Be sure to visit his youtube channel at

*Here's the link f you have trouble seeing the embedded video

In other news,The warm up project is almost ready. I know I said it will be ready in 48 hours but something come up. My HDD is dying and giving me very VERY bad access time/ transfer rate (384.7 kb/s on ultra dma 5! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF~). So I spend most of the day reinstalling and setting up my Ubuntu box on a new drive. Still need to sort some stuff for the post, hopefully it'll be up by tomorrow evening.

See you tomorrow!

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