Monday, March 28, 2011

working with wax

Many people are not familiar with working with wax as a sculpting material. The only thing to keep in mind while working with wax is temperature management. Wax will soften and melt at high temperature and will stiffen and solidify when cooled. I get asked a lot on how to warm my waxes, especially the harder waxes, and make it pliable. Hopefully this video will answer some of those questions.

My warming station consist of a 15 watt, 220 volt mug warmer and a tin bowl with water in it. Also a rag for wiping excess water. The warm water will make the wax pliable and workable. Depending on the ambient temperature of the room you work in, that could mean from 30-90 seconds work time. I'll post more on my wax warmer set up in the next post (still need to record the voice over for that one).

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