Monday, January 21, 2013

Sketch from the past: Pirlouit/ Peewit

pirlouit sketch 00, Soft clay sketch of pirlouitSometimes a commission just never works out. This is one of those time. Several years ago I was contacted to make a 4" figure of Pirlouit (Peewit if you're in the states) for a client. I got as far as this sketch before abandoning the project. That project taught me the importance of making a contract and NEVER work on spec.
Lesson learned, experience get, bussiness skill level up.

More pictures after the break.

The sketch was done using soft wax. I copy the look from a smurf toy which has the same general shape and form to Pirlouit. I might revisit this and other pieces in the coming weeks.
 pirlouit sketch 01, Soft clay sketch of pirlouit pirlouit sketch 02, Soft clay sketch of pirlouit pirlouit sketch 03, Soft clay sketch of pirlouit

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