Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monster Girls Creature sculpts series!

One of my new year resolution is to sculpt more this year (and get more commissions done). So to start that off I promise myself to make a new figure every 2 weeks, more or less. I have this idea of making Monster Girls creature sculpts since back in 2007. So I thought this was a great time to get the project going.

Currently I've sculpted 2 monster girls. The first one was  Harpy and the second one was Nagja the gorgon. These and future sculpts will be made using my MwaxZ S sculpting wax. I will be sharing my method and technique in making them in this blog, Midztoyz facebook page and my tumblr blog. I usually update my tumblr blog first and then compile the posts there in this blog. I will also be making more videos on this, although not as a weekly scheduled upload like I previously intended. Producing weekly videos is a large undertaking.

More pictures of Harpy and Nagja the Gorgon after the break.

Harpy turnaround

Monster Girl #1 Harpy

Nagja the Gorgon

nagja gorgon wax figure sculpt sexy mythological creature making
Nagja general shape up
This is the first sketch of Nagja. In this stage I shape the basic pose and silhouette of the sculpt. During the sculpting process, I change the pose of the arms and snake body quite a lot.

nagja gorgon wax figure sculpt sexy mythological creature making
Detailing the scales
You'll notice the difference shape of the snake body since I have to scrap the previous one and start from scratch. For making the scales on her body I used a wire mesh as a stamp. I first heat the surface with a butane torch and then carefully stamp the mesh along the body. I did this on a straight snake body which I then bend to give a serpentine look.

Here is the 'final' shots of Nagja. It's not really finished yet. I'm still adding details and refining the sculpts a lot more. But For this stage, I'll call it finished...for now. The egg Nagja is holding was design by Randall Newnham. Check out his blog post about it.
Nagja detail shot
Nagja turnaround

That's it for this post. I'll be making a new Monster Girl starting Monday. If you're interested in following the making of it, do check out my tumblr blog where I'll be posting daily progress of the sculpt.

Happy sculpting!

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