Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monster Girl Month catch up post! Cleophidia the gorgon

October has passed and so to has Monster Girl Month.
I failed in updating this blog with the sculpt that come from it, so in the next several posts I'll share them all with you guys. Enjoy!

This is the 4th Entry for Monster Girl Month. Cleophidia the gorgon. She was designed by a friend in the paint chat. The challenge for this sculpt is making the hair. She has short curly hair, and for the longest time I was stumped on how to render it in wax. Fortunately, I've come across Mark Newman's afro hair tutorial. I modify the technique a bit for this sculpt. The result was better than I expected, thought it could use some more polish.

More post in in the coming days!

. photo MGM2013-04.jpg

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